About us

Who are we?
Lacrea consists of a team of enthusiastic amateurs and professionals whom share a passion for film. A passion for being creative reaching a goal. Growing, improve and learn from mistakes, each project a new challenge. In addition Lacrea consists of a team of volunteers whom love to arrange and organize. That's how we've put our hands together and work alongside. We do we recruit? That can be everyone, as long as our passion is shared. Teamwork is key!

No, we aren't new in this world. Emerging form Mamesa Film Productions taught us that a good strong base is fifty percent already, as having experienced from former projects. Quality is the difference, each time at higher level. That's us, Lacrea!

- With great inspiration comes greatness in creativity -

Our goal
A great story starts with an idea. That needs to be discussed, people will be needed. That's why gaining registrations is on of our main goals. That's where our story begins. Why? To get a bigger and better team, to put ourselves on the map. This is our debut. We love to be actively working with our passion, to learn and have fun. It's a magnificent feeling to do the thing you love most and enjoy it so much. We live to share this passion with the rest of the world, transforming the name Lacrea to an understanding. That is our story, our goal.